Playing games in general is an activity adored by millions of people worldwide. Add top-quality casino games to the story and multiply the excitement by ten and you’ll soon figure out that we’re talking about the invention called gaming consoles. Market for video games never sleeps, which is why Xbox One and PS4, two of the most popular consoles out there, always try to bring something new to the table. Here are some of the most popular game titles available on both PS4 and Xbox.

Casino Games on PS4

When you hear the word Sony, the first association is top-notch technology, right? Back in the days the wizards from Sony invented PS and managed to make a ton of passionate gamers super happy. PS4 is the latest edition of the super fantastic game console that found its spot under the sun in the world of online gambling and casino games. And PS4 is not there just to say hello; they are setting standards.

Powered by 505 Games, Prominence Poker is where most PS4 lovers start from. The game can be also found on Xbox and it’s famous for offering an authentic playing experience enriched by an extraordinary set of 3D effects. Prominence Poker allows players to choose from multiplayer and single player options.

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If you’d like to check out how it feels to be dragged into a casino gaming simulation, then The Four Kings Casino and Slots is what you’ve been looking for. Once you enter the game, you’ll have an option to create a specialized 3D avatar and that’s just the beginning. As you go on with playing you are allowed to change your avatar’s clothes and enjoy many more additional playing features. Other interesting casino favourites such as Bingo, Keno, Texas Hold’em and Blackjack are also waiting in line for you.

Replicating a poker room is not a piece of cake, but judging by how Pure Hold’em World Poker Championship looks like, it definitely is possible. The game comes with a stable online multiplayer support, and gives players the option to run their own tournaments with up to eight contestants.

Casino Games on Xbox

Microsoft have noticed what Sony did with PS and they’ve decided to join in the party by developing Xbox. The product transforms your TV into a super dynamic gaming world, where thrills and adrenaline can be found around every corner.

The list of the best casino games for Xbox can’t go without Test Drive Unlimited 2: Casino Online. Here players are given an option to play with up to 31 other contestants per session. This way you get a highly unique gaming experience.

The Full House Poker is another simulated gambling surrounding where you’re entering a virtual poker room. You’ll get the chance to make your own personalized avatar and enjoy the attractive 3D features.

In case you’re a poker fan, Pure Hold’em is the place to go. The game consists of six tables whereby the ultimate destination is the Masters table located in the VIP penthouse. Doing so is possible by earning credits and improving your player ranking.

If playing a game of roulette, blackjack, keno or slots sounds like your cup of tea, then head over to Casino Nights. At Casino Nights you’ll have an option to treat yourself with different casino titles, which saves you from the trap of being bored.

As you may conclude, casino games are capable of satisfying every gamer’s desire. Both Xbox and PS4 work hard to bring new titles on the market and gamers joyfully reward those efforts!