Crash Bandicoot was an anthem during the PSX era. The marsupial was treated as the PlayStation mascot and is always interwoven to the Sony history in this market. Crash could come back, at least, some movements suggest that possible revival.

Randy Falk, NECA Toy’s director, gave an interview to PixelDan. Randy spoke about their collaborations with Sony and mentioned Crash Bandicoot when he was enumerating some Sony’s IPs:

“Looking at some of their other titles, I see they’re bringing Crash Bandicoot back.”

Subsequently, a NECA spokesperson marked these comments about Crash as a misunderstood:

“Someone has misunderstood a comment he made. Randy saw a faked fan-made image right before he came to the show and said that if the game were coming back, we’d love to do figures.”

Thanks, GameSpot.