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Crysis 3 could receive its first DLC very soon.

Recent achievement listings for Crysis 3, posted by the user XB360A, are telling us that the release of this content could be inminent and, also, they are giving us some info about what this DLC will contain.

Four new maps called Creek, Crossing, Ascent and Coastline will be available, but besides, we can see something called “boat Oar” in the achievement titled “Totally Oarsome”, which could be a new vehicle introduced in this DLC.

crysis 3 dlc achievements 600x601 Crysis 3 DLC surfaces. New vehicles and game modes hinted. | VGLeaks 2.0

It also seems  to include two new game modes called Frenzy and Team Possession.

We’ll have to wait until EA makes this official and give us more details and a release date.

Stay tuned.


Thanks, Joystiq.