CS:GO Steam trading cards are a popular topic among avid Counter-Strike: Global offensive fans. Click here for our detailed guide on them.

Before we look into CS:GO Steam trading cards, let’s observe the platform’s trading card system. On the one hand, this system allows players to show their support for certain games. However, on the other hand, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s status as a free-to-play game means that the game’s trading cards behave differently.

Below, we’ll dissect everything you need to know about these cards and then look at CSGO’s Steam cards. (If you’re a CS:GO fan, click here to learn about a unique way to become eligible to claim a bonus with the Casumo bookmaker.)

What Are Steam Trading Cards?

Steam Trading Cards are only available online in players’ Steam accounts and cannot become physical rewards. In other words, you won’t be able to give them to your friends if they aren’t in your Steam profile.

Each Steam Trading Card forms a set that you can collect to get additional customization for your Steam profile. These cards are available for trading on the Steam Community Market to earn wallet funds that you can use for Steam purchases.

Before you start looking into CS:GO Steam Trading cards, keep in mind you can also get foil trading cards. You can collect and use a set of foil cards to make a badge for your Steam account. Foil cards are comparable to shiny Pokemon cards, which are similar in function but have a higher value and are rarer than regular cards.

Steam Trading Cards is a feature available on Steam but not on the Epic Store.

How to Get Steam Trading Cards 

Steam is the best way to earn Trading Cards. The platform shows a list of eligible games from the entire Store, including games in your library. This information is also available in the Steam client via the Badges Page, located beneath your username in the top menu.

You don’t even have to play the game; you only need is to keep it open. To earn a Trading Card, simply log time in the game, and the cards will randomly drop into your account. Therefore, when it comes to CS:GO Steam trading cards, you can still earn them if you go and do something else.

Additionally, you become eligible for a random card draw for every $9 you spend. When you close a game, you receive notifications via the Steam messaging system if you received a trading card. The envelope at the top-right turns green to indicate a new message.

Click on the green envelope to add X items to your inventory. After arriving at your inventory, you can view additional information, including the card’s name and description. 

How to Collect All Steam Trading Cards

You can’t earn all the Trading Cards in a game by simply playing – you can only collect half. For example, if a game has eight cards, you can only collect four by playing. You can even get duplicates so you don’t have to receive four cards, and additional collecting methods include:

  • Booster packs
  • Buying CS:GO Steam trading cards on the community marketplace
  • Trading

Booster Packs

For example, after exhausting all CS:GO Steam trading card free drops, you can use booster packs to get more cards. These cards become available randomly to community members who craft game badges.

Booster Packs usually contain three random cards, but you may already have one or more of them. Also, the packs include both foil and basic cards. To become eligible for a Booster Pack, you must log in to Steam every week. Along with your Steam level, your chances of getting a pack will also increase.

Buying on the Community Marketplace

When buying CS:GO Steam trading cards on the community marketplace, you can purchase unwanted cards from other players or use funds in your Steam wallet. To quickly find the cards you are looking for, go to the Badges page and click on a game. Next, click Search the Market to locate the card.

You might not find the cards you need, or they may be too expensive if it is a rare game. Consequently, you might want to wait a while as the price tends to drop over time.


You can trade duplicate cards or cards from a game you don’t want with friends. Visit your Friends list and click on the dropdown next to their names to send a trade offer. To see if someone is willing to exchange, you can also visit the Badges page by clicking Visit Trade Forum.

Since you don’t need to adhere to market rates, this method is an excellent way to get a solid deal. You don’t even have to trade cards for cards; you can exchange them for in-game items.

A Closer Look at CS:GO Steam Trading Cards

Some players collect CS:GO trading cards to earn badges for their Steam profiles. You can earn six different badges by crafting in CSGO. The first five badge levels are available by collecting five cards from the CS:GO standard set. Thanks to CS: GO’s foil cards, the final “foil” badge becomes available.

How Many CS:GO Badges & Trading Cards Exist?

CS:GO offers five trading cards and a profile badge. Crafting the first level requires one of each card. There are five levels of badges, and users can also upgrade CS:GO’s Steam profile badge by collecting five more cards and using the same screen to create badges.

The right column of CS:GO’s library page has a section dedicated to trading cards. Players can view their trading cards by clicking on the link in the right column, which will take them to the badge section of their Steam account. 

When it comes to CS:GO Steam trading cards, players can also create collectible badges to display on their Steam profiles. However, these badges are only available for the Steam Profile showcase, meaning your avatars cannot wear them. They are not usable within CS:GO and only serve to decorate a user’s profile. 

As part of their random drops, players can also get a foil trading card. These cards come with a silver background and can help players make CS:GO’s foil badge. The foil badge has only one rank, unlike the five ranks on CS:GO’s regular cards. Foil cards are also available on the Steam Marketplace.

How to Get CS:GO Steam Trading Card Drops

Trading cards for CS:GO works the same way as any other game on Steam. Users can play the game to earn a trading card for their inventory. The Steam client notifies players when these card drops occur. Although you’ll see a limit on how many drops a player can receive at once, CS:GO has an option that allows players to keep collecting.

Valve increases the number of cards a player can get by spending money on CS: GO’s microtransactions. You can see the number of cards left by clicking on your Steam client profile and looking under “Badges” to find CS:GO. Alternatively, you can find the same menu by going to your Steam inventory and clicking on CS:GO trading cards. 

Then, select “Badge Progression,” as indicated underneath the card. The “How to earn Card Drops” link will bring players to a page that shows the players’ total CS:GO Steam trading card drops, their earned points, and the number of card drops they are eligible to receive.

How To Bulk Sell CS:GO Trading Cards

Once users complete CS:GO’s five badge ranks, they will still be able to receive card drops while playing. Steam will give a player one additional card drop for every dollar spent in the game. This reason is why there are so many CS:GO profiles with Steam cards clogging up their inventories. Therefore, players who want to sell their trading cards in bulk can do so.

Players can view the progress of their cards by clicking on the button “View Badge Progress.” They can choose how many cards they would like to sell and for what price.

Fans will need to wait to see if Valve increases the number and diversity of CS:GO Steam trading card options. However, Steam Reward points allow you to purchase various game items, including stickers, animated emotes, and profile backgrounds.