CyberConnect2, the company behind the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games, Jojo’s Bizarre game or Asura’s Wrath, was present at the Machi Asobi event this weekend (Machi Asobi is an Anime event held in Tokushima, Japan).

cyberconnect2 CyberConnect2 will announce a “shocking project” at year’s end | VGLeaks 2.0

There, the company president Hiroshi Matsuyama surprised all the audience saying that a new big project will be announced around the end of the year.

“It should be around the end of the year that we can announce a shocking project from our company,”

Apparently, one of the Cyberconnect2’s PR guys was shocked by the announcement coming from his president. We will have to wait a few weeks more to discover this new exciting project.

Thanks, Gematsu.