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The foundations of the gaming industry have been modified by online gaming since the establishment of new gameplay mechanics focused on the multiplayer features.

Games still own (in overall) solo campaigns, but those sections are mainly designed as tutorials or training experiences to prepare the player to the sieve of the multi modes. If we concentrated in the FPS (First Person Shooter) evolution, in the nineties, the maps were built as labyrinths and imposed the player the needed to explore the environment. Nowadays, maps are designed with clean paths and places to cover or ambush the enemy.

On a separate issue, players have changed their habits of playing. They are looking for permanent connected experiences. Ordinary developments are limited to cover a concrete part of the market, but this approach excludes them to reach the mass. Speaking about numbers, approximately, 50% of PS4 owners are subscribed to PS Plus. Therefore, the half of the people that purchased PS4 is interested on online gaming. Take into consideration that online gaming on PS4 is not free, hence, those clients pay a subscription to play online.

We like the new way of living, a way that invites us to do everything from our house. We are connected and we are in touch with our friends. It’s important to remark that online gaming was inspired by the gambling industry. There are two points that hold both worlds: chance and ability. The more you practice on a top 10 best online casinos, the less you depend on the odds. You build yourself and you increase your aptitudes along your gained experience from uncontrollable variables.

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Online gaming allows clients to invest in an ample range of disciplines and is a reliable tool to gain reputation and some lucrative power. The position has been strengthening through the Free to Play (F2P) business. The player can play without to invest in the game and after the first hours, you have the option to spend some money or try another alternative.

The near future is made of affordable options materialized by online gaming.