A few months ago, Square-Enix announced ports of the first eight games of the Dragon Quest series for iOS and Android  in Japan. Later, many texts translated into German, French, Italian and Spanish, and to western translators, were discovered in the files and credits of Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest VIII for mobile.

Now, Square Enix has registered in the ESRB (Entertainment Solftware Rating Board) a trademark for “Dragon Quest I & II”.


dq12esrb Dragon Quest I & II rated by ESBR for mobile platforms | VGLeaks 2.0

As you can see, there are no description or platforms, only a generic “Mobile Phone“. Apparently, we will get the first two Dragon Quest games in one “bundle” (in Japan both games are sold separately).

We will have to wait an official announcement by Square-Enix and we will see if the rest of games will be released in western territories.

Thanks, Neogaf.