DriveClub should have been released along PS4, but Sony delayed the racing game to upgrade and polish it in order to sell a well-tested and finished game. inFamous: Second Son will reach the shelves in March, but what’s happen with DriveClub?

The spaghetti version of PlayStation Magazine has published that DriveClub could be ready to ignite in June. It’s a strange date for an AAA title, but The Last of Us was released in the same month the last year. It’s plausible.

This is the translation of the info published by PS Magazine (Italy):

“We like the “hunch” that # Driveclub will arrive in June, but you do not tell anyone …”

A hunch, phew. Maybe these people know something that they can’t unveil now.

In the same vein, one video from DriveClub has been leaked today. It’s a brand video, probably edited for internal purposes. I would simply highlight the gameplay sections, if I not mistaken some parts are new.

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