E-sports, otherwise known as electronic sports, is a commercial spectator sport that requires real live players. Players engage in this virtual competition by using video and computer games under fixed rules. E-sports are just as serious and formal as other sports.

However, the only difference is that while other sports take place on a physical playing field, performances on e-sports take place on an online field. E-sports can further be divided into fighting games, first-person shooters, real-time strategy, or multiplayer battle games.

As with other sports, E-sports also has its rules, rewards for playing, and playing methods. Therefore, they can only be understood through an e-sports guide. An esports guide will show you what the game is about, the features, how to play, the reward for playing, and what not to play. Some examples of e-Sports games are Akrane, Ruined King, and Project L.

E-sports Guide: Arkane Game

Arkane Studios is a large French video game industry. They have launched games such as Arx Fatails, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Dishonored, Prey, and Death loop. Arkane games are often in the form of limited series; therefore, a simple guide to playing the game is playing according to the series of the game. Other tips that can guide you while playing include.

1. You can use a combination of stealth, parkour, guns, gadgets, and powers to move in the game world.

2. Avoid or take out the guards in the game and try to figure out how to eliminate the targets in the game before you get eliminated.

3. The people’s behavior in a particular district often varies from people in other districts; therefore, it is pertinent for you to pay attention.

E-sports Guide: Ruined King

Ruined game is a turn-based, role-playing video game developed by Airship Syndicate and launched on November 16, 2021. Set in Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles, the sole player controls a party of six characters from League of Legends to find the source of the black mist. The game features fans’ favorite champions and a beautiful art direction. Below is a guide to playing the game.

You must scan in order not to miss the details.

In a Ruined Game, every part of the environment can be looted. Overlooking items such as vases, crates, and barrels can make you forfeit exciting rewards in the game. Although the environment of a ruined game might seem dense and detailed, you can miss out on some of the extra rewards; hence, the reason for proper scanning and meticulous attention.

Use the map.

The map is one of the most important features of Ruined Game and one to be considered when playing pokies online. As long as you check the map religiously, you will rarely miss important landmarks in the game. Through the map, you can see where the resources are laid up, not only the resources but also the various vendors, task givers, and chests.

Manage the resources you have.

One of the few ways you can last long as a player in this video game is by managing your resources. As a player in the game, you must ensure that your health is not compromised. You do this by ensuring that health potions are kept on you all the time. Maintaining your mana at all times might be difficult, but it is possible. Rest points are available in Bilgewater, and at these points, you can restore health and mana at no cost.

E-sports Guide: Project L

Project L is a fighting game created by Riot Games. The game was created with the intention of making a video game that will enable players to use unique game characters to fight while enjoying maximum fun. Like any other sport, a guide has been curated for video game players interested in playing.

1. You can build a team on Project L

On the Project L game, you can build strategic team members to help your game. With a maximum of two characters, you can build and pilot a team. The assist-based fighter will help in delivering a fast-paced, dynamic combat fantasy. This enables players to show their creative side and express themselves through video games.

2. Pay attention to the character design

There are only a handful of characters on Project L. They include Ahri, Darius, Ekko, Jinx, and Katarina. You can adapt your characters to work and take full advantage of their individual fictional powers. Through Ekko, you can manipulate time in the game, rewind mistakes, stab and stash the opponents. Jinx, on the other hand, wreaks havoc and fires explosive rockets with her Fishbones. Although Project L doesn’t have a release date yet, the game promises to be a blockbuster.

e-sports games can never be fully understood except when a player has gone through a guide. However, if a player doesn’t still get a clear picture of what the game entails, it is advised that the player checks each game’s website for further description and explanation.