You cannot wager on e-sports games if you do not have detailed information on the available bets and markets. You can only go against this rule if you have positioned yourself to fail and lose your money. An understanding of the meaning of the markets and how possible it is that they will happen in the course of the tournaments and games is an important factor. This helps in achieving a desirable outcome in your bets. However, there are also different types of bets available. Some are better than others and some are more appropriate than others, only in some circumstances. You need to learn about these too, and they are five in number.

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Real Money Betting

This is similar to the normal physical betting that is done on other physical games like football and basketball. It involves going to the bookmakers’ website or physical office and placing real money wagers on the expected outcomes of the games based on the displayed and agreed odds. The two major actions that people place their bets on here are the winners of the games and winners of the tournaments.

Social Betting

This is the type of betting that happen on the social media between friends and online contacts. Here, the outcomes of the games are also wagered on, and it is just between the family, friends, and contacts on social media, without any particular body organizing it. These live bets on e-sport can be done with skins, real money, other gaming resources, or some other items. They agree on the terms and settle when the games are over.

Skin Betting

This is the type that is also named items betting. There are lots of virtual gaming items and gifts that could be transferred between the players. These items are the major objects of the bets in the skin category. Hardcore gamers are always in need of these, and may even value them more than physical cash. They include currencies that could be used to purchase some things in the games. The importance of these things is underlined by the fact that some websites are dedicated to the purchase, sell, and swapping of these things. So, when players win them through wagers on some outcomes in the games, they enjoy them so much.

Challenge Betting

This is the head to head type of betting. It is not just for spectators, but for the gamers. Yes, if you are a good gamer who trusts in your abilities, you can also make money through bets. Here, gamers challenge each other in games for skins, items, or real money, and play it out in the fields. They organize this among themselves, and at the end of the contest, they settle and share the prize money as stipulated before the games. Some websites have also gotten involved in this. But here, a little entry fee is paid and players place their wagers on themselves and the outcomes they think they will achieve. In some others, the entry fees become the prize money, as it is collected and given to the winners.

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Fantasy Betting

This is a different type of betting altogether. This is a fantasy system for the traditional sports. But the only new thing is that the roosters or teams are built around players in the e-sports world. This is only for people that understand the fantasy sports world.