FIFA is one of the most popular video game series of all time. Focused on association football, this series by Electronic Arts won many awards. They broke many records since they were released for the first time in 1993. Today, after 29 installments, we have the final 30th title from this legendary series – FIFA 23.

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What’s New for FIFA 23?

In many aspects, FIFA 23 follows its predecessors’ steps, which makes sense because these titles had great success. Of course, as always, EA decided to provide some new features or upgrade existing ones to make the gameplay more enjoyable.

Unlike FIFA 22, which was released as a non-crossplay game but later got this functionality, FIFA 23 has a crossplay feature from its beginning. Still, there are a few limitations. For example, you can’t play FIFA 23’s Pro Clubs mode this way.

On the other hand, you can play this title’s most popular modes, including Online Friendlies, FUT Play a Friend, FUT Online Friendlies without Co-Op, FUT Champions, FUT Ultimate Online Draft, Division Rivals without Co-Op, and FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) on two different platforms.

Once again, we should note that this is not a complete integration across all modern platforms because it covers specific generations. For instance, PS5 users can play against Xbox Series X/S players, but they can’t play against Xbox One or PS4 players.

The abovementioned crossplay doesn’t affect the FIFAe competitions because they are now played only on PlayStation 5.

Another fun thing in the new video game is the Technical Dribbling based on the Active Touch system that enhances the character’s path to the ball and the player’s dribbling and mobility thanks to improved responsiveness. Due to the specific nature of this system, only players with next-gen consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S) or the latest PC configurations can enjoy the benefits of this feature.

The same goes for those who want to take advantage of the HyperMotion 2 feature. This advanced system uses machine learning from actual football matches to generate thousands of in-game animations. This makes the gameplay even more realistic than before.

One thing that makes all FIFA games unique is the presence of multiple game modes. We should note that FIFA 23 has men’s and women’s World Cup modes. This is something that you can’t find in any other release, so it would be interesting to see how popular it will become.

We should also note that the manager career mode is upgraded, and users can now pick real managers instead of fictional ones. Of course, not all of them are covered, but there’s still a decent number available to all users. If you don’t like the real ones, you can try some interesting fictional ones like Ted Lasso from the famous Apple+ TV series.


This title from the FIFA series has licenses for 30 leagues, 100 stadiums, more than 700 football clubs, and almost 20,000 players. The guys from EA did their best to include as many real-world players as possible and objects in the game. Still, players should not expect some of the big football clubs like Lazio, Napoli, Atlanta, and Roma.

Japanese players will probably be sad to hear that the J1 League, the top Japanese football league, is unavailable. EA had a six-year deal with J.League, but this deal expired right before the game was launched.

What Don’t We Like About FIFA 23?

There are many good things in the new FIFA title, but some things can be improved. For instance, we enjoyed the career mode, which brings more options and features this time. It’s evident that EA worked on the corners and free kicks, which were static in the past.

On top of that positive things, we have brand new FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) options that will keep you busy for a while. However, we felt some things could be better, like the defending system or player career which seem to be either too complicated or not developed well.

Is It Really Over?

This is the last game of the video game series with this name, but this doesn’t mean that players will not have a chance to play other football-themed games from EA. On the contrary, the famous software developer will continue releasing new video games without FIFA’s logo and name. Indeed, we’ll miss the name/s, but what’s more important for every player is to get a game they can enjoy.

What we’ve seen in FIFA 23 gives us a chance to expect something better soon and most players who have tried this latest release can confirm that.