A product of Luminous Production and Square Enix, ‘Forspoken’ is one of this year’s most eagerly-awaited games. This action role-playing game is due out in October 2022, but a trailer has let us see one of the key enemies that players will face up against. What else has been revealed about it so far and how has the influence of this sort of game reached as far as online slots?

2022 Should See the Continued Rise of Fantasy Slots

Before we look at the exact details of Forspoken, it’s worth considering how fantasy games like this have had a huge impact on the wider aspects of pop culture in the last few years. One great example is the way fantasy elements and characters are continuing to appear in online casino slots.

The online casino from Paddy Power gives us some examples of this approach, with games such as Eternal Phoenix Megaways by Blueprint, and Legend of the Ice Dragon by Plan n’GO. These fantasy-themed slots sit alongside classic slots as well as table games like roulette and blackjack.

Slots traditionally used fruit symbols as well as things like bars and bells, with simple gameplay and fairly basic images. However, the popularity of fantasy games has seen this theme added to many games, with other genres – including everything from space travel to pirates – providing colourful and varied gameplay as well.

Forspoken ps5 Forspoken Revealed and the Rise of Fantasy Slots | VGLeaks 2.0

Everything We Know about Forspoken

This game is going to be released for PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows towards the end of 2022. The developers are led by director Takeshi Aramaki, who has already spoken about how it will have a strong focus on fast, fluid movement over the varied landscape. We’ve also seen it described by Square Enix as being narrative-driven.

Forspoken features an open-world format where players can move anywhere whenever they want across the land of Athia. In this way, the main character, Frey, can find enemies to fight and magic spells to use. They gain experience points by winning battles and can craft items to boost the character’s health.

The breakstorm is the most exciting-sounding part of the gameplay to be revealed so far. This is a type of horde mode where you need to stand up to waves of attackers rushing at you. The mode ends with a boss character appearing on the scene.

A trailer for the game shows us one of the beasts that Frey will need to deal with: a giant dragon. Whilst we don’t know its name, we can see from the trailer that the creature can pick Frey up and carry her away. Other enemies include a skeleton boss and what looks like a hairy sabre-tooth tiger.

Forspoken looks set to be an interesting new fantasy RPG that will please fans of the genre and may introduce some newcomers to this sort of immersive game too. Regardless of the success of this title, the place of fantasy in the wider pop culture scene should see this type of setting with fantastical creatures and strange lands continue to attract more fans.