Day to list various trademark listings in Japan that may give us clues about future releases and announcements.

Square Enix filed a trademark three weeks ago for something titled “Gate of Nightmares” in Japan. Furthermore, the company also trademarked “Endwalker” and “Gyougetsu no Finale” (2), which are the English and Japanese subtitles for the new Final Fantasy XIV content, announced a few weeks ago.

Kadokawa Corporation filed another one for “Sword Art Online: Variant Showdown.”Note that Sword Art Online games are developed by Bandai Namco, but Kadokawa always files the trademarks for them.

Finally, and here’s a curious fact, Hamster filed a logo trademark for something titled Sol Cresta in Japan The registered logo, as you can see, seems to be the same used by Platinum Games last April’s Fools when the developer “announced” they were making a Sol Cresta arcade cabinet.

Stay tuned.

Via | Gematsu