Some days ago, Graslu00, upload on Youtube, a longplay of the remastered version of Goldeneye 007, aka the best game produced ever based on a film, developed by RARE. The initial pretension was to release this remastered on XBLA, but due to rights conflicts and the different parts involved in this game, the title was cancelled.

Cancelled, but not erased. The work was close to conclude and after the gameplay, Graslu00, claimed that, the game can be released to the internet in the next months. It was a matter of days instead of months.

The remastered version of Goldeneye 007 has been leaked and is fully playable. The game can be found in the internet. If you want to play it, try to run it on a modded Xbox 360 or with Xenia, the 360 emulator for Windows. Enjoy.

Thanks, Archive.