Gran Turismo Sports

The game has been listed by Sancta Domenica, a Croatian retailer. Of course, this unexpected leak could be just a simple mistake, but Sancta Domenica has an exclusive agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to import PlayStation products in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

sancta domenica gran turismo sport 638x465 600x437 Gran Turismo Sports appears on Croatian retailer, ZombiU on PS4 and One? | VGLeaks 2.0

If Gran Turismo Sports is real, it seems that could be the prologue edition of Gran Turismo 7 or maybe a rebrand for the DriveClub license (unlikely). Who knows? We will have to wait until E3 15 to know more about this matter.

ZombiU on PS4 and One

Unseen64 has got a great portfolio of unfinished games and some leaks. A close confident to Ubisoft has informed Unseen64 that Ubi is working on a port of ZombiU for PS4 and Xbox One. According to Unseen, Ubisoft could show the game at E3 15, but this movement is not 100% guaranteed.

Thanks, NeoGAF and Unseen64.