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GTA 5 has shipped more than 60 million of copies since September 2013, date when the latest Rockstar’s million seller was released. This is more than a success, it’s a milestone for other titles. Obviously, something like that had to continue.

Techradar published some golden nuggets about GTA license. Reportedly, the production of Grand Theft Auto 6 has started. The game is in a preliminary stage and the location has been not decided yet, but according the source, would be in the United States.

During the time of GTA III and GTA Vice City (best GTA ever), Rockstar considered to set a new game in Tokyo. The company sent some staff to Tokyo to familiarize with that place. Sadly, the idea was canned. The road system was seen to be problematic and the brand is strongly secured to the States.

I would like to play a GTA title in a different location. Sleeping Dogs was set in Hong Kong and was great, GTA could the same.

Thanks, GameSpot.

PS: I am fully aware this piece of news was unveiled time ago, but our server was down for some days and we could not publish this before. Our apologies for this inconvenience.