Grand Theft Auto 6 is easily one of the most anticipated games in history. The BBC predicts that the next chapter in Rockstar Games flagship series could blow the revenue records held by its predecessor out of the water, generating nearly $2 billion in its first week. This pop-culture phenomenon could also make a splash in the financial world by featuring crypto support. So, will GTA 6 make cryptocurrency trendy again? Let’s find out.

Speculation regarding crypto integration in GTA is nothing new. Social media guru Tom Henderson posted tweets to that effect as early as 2021, hinting at the return of a stock market feature in GTA 6 and the addition of a broker for various cryptocurrencies. Neither Rockstar Games nor its parent company Take-Two Interactive confirmed these alleged leaks, which didn’t stop online circles from beating their brains over the possible inclusion of blockchain technology – and these rumors are swirling again. 

On Wednesday, a crypto influencer named Gordon took to X to share with his 500,000 followers the big news that GTA 6 would “enable cryptocurrency payments.” According to this pseudonymous user, only Ethereum, Bitcoin, and USDT have been confirmed thus far. The tweet, which included a fake trailer, quickly went viral despite its author’s inability to substantiate his claims, jokingly replying that his “uncle works there.” 

As sketchy as it sounds, this rumor could align with the series’ long-running tradition of lampooning real-world trends and issues. GTA 5 was already full of unrelenting caricatures flaying both conservatives and liberals, urban-shopping hipsters and hood gangsters. Trading subtlety for overt cynicism, what is arguably the best game in the franchise so far was never shy about its rather on-the-nose sociopolitical satire. The gaming industry took a few bullets too, with the game parodying the farming simulator craze on mobile.

Cryptocurrency in GTA 6 could serve as yet another shot fired at consumerism. It could also be a fun mechanic to play with, allowing characters to be paid for missions and tasks in cryptocurrency. In any case, there is no evidence at this point to suggest that digital currencies like Bitcoin will materialize in the game’s final release, scheduled for fall 2025. 

With Rockstar Games remaining silent since the official trailer for GTA 6 dropped last December, rumors were bound to escalate among gamers all too eager to wander the streets of the Miami-inspired Vice City in the sunny state of Leonida. Fan-made concept videos have been drawing millions of views on YouTube, while many diehard fans keep scrutinizing every bit of footage shown in the trailer. 

Many more rumors have been popping up online, exploring the potential return of the dynamic body mechanics of GTA: San Andreas. The latter had gyms to increase stamina, which could reappear in GTA 6 as per a leak mentioning names such as “Muscle Beach Gym” or “MultiGym.” Some leaked footage also showed Jason’s physique looking different in two distinct scenarios, going from buff to lean. While this supposition may prove misguided, there is no stopping fans from entertaining even the most outlandish of possibilities and sharing their wishful thinking online. 

From much-needed enhancements to the vehicle customization system to innovative gameplay mechanics like realistic police behavior, the fandom has been debating the features they would like to see implemented in the next installment. Many gamers also call for the return of fan-favorite activities like gambling. In this respect, the inclusion of The Diamond Casino& Resort in GTA Online could be a strong indicator that GTA 6 will include casino content. 

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GTA 6 is on everyone’s lips in gaming circles, and with excitement comes wild guesswork. The latest crypto rumor is only the tip of the iceberg, as fans analyze every information they can find – or make entirely up. Even so, using Ethereum and Bitcoin in such a high-profile franchise could be a significant step in democratizing cryptocurrency.