Guerrilla Games released Killzone: Shadow Fall along PS4 the last November, but allegedly Guerrilla is working on a new IP too for that system. Guerrilla currently has enough staff to develop two games, maybe not at the same time, because of the Dutch study has to provide tech tools to other Sony’s first parties studios.

Aside from that Guerrilla has posted a job position about its new unannounced project. Please check the following excerpts directly copied from the mentioned position:

– We’re looking for regular/senior designers with online, multiplayer or coop experience to work on our unannounced new IP.

– You have strong interest in both playing and making online games

– Developed micro-transactions and/or nontraditional recurring revenue models

– Have developed or supported online gaming communities or titles with a large ”social” focus

Guerrilla demands people with proven experience in online features, also micro-transactions could be part of this new game. E3 2014 draws near…

Thanks, Gamingbolt.