Horizon Zero Dawn has turned Guerrilla Games in a top tier studio. They gained enough credit to work in anything after that point. Of course, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is in development and VGC has published some details about the project:

Horizon was created as a part of a series and a multi-part script was written. The plan was greenlit after Horizon success. A trilogy is planned.

Horizon 2 started as a game for PS4, but the title has been moved to PS5.

The game is gigantic in scope with a larger game world and the player could explore in a deeper way.

Coop features. People close to development indicate that Horizon 2 could include a coop feature, is unclear if this is going to be present in the campaign or in a separate mode. Coop was an idea to be implemented in the first Horizon, but this feature was removed and Guerilla moved those resources to be used in other areas.

This coop was planned for the first game and there is an evidence of that. Do you remember the art leaked time ago about an unannounced Guerrilla game?

leak Horizon Zero Dawn 2: road to PS5, possible coop features and bigger scale | VGLeaks 2.0

Thanks, VGC.