Diamond Casino & Resort is a GTA casino and a popular GTA Online player destination that promises wealth and power. Its easy money promise draws players building a fearsome reputation and a mighty Los Santos empire. Players desiring some brainless fun can also become its regular visitors, flicking and tapping their money and life away usingtheir controllers. Before they know it, both player groups can become GTA Online addicts and develop a gambling addiction.

Diamond Casino is a GTA casino that has all the GTA series staples. Slapstick humor and biting consumerism culture satire provide superb gameplay plus zany consequences. However, the GTA casino takes it one step further — it is a real casino, allowing players’ money-chips conversion and providing various chance-based games. The games are real games and use real-world rules. Enter purchasable GTA Online cards, which are bought using players’ real money and gambled away at the Diamond Casino.

The danger underlying the GTA casino is that the gambling environment might be too realistic, creating a gambling addiction. Inexperienced gamers can spend too much time there, developing a gambling habit without even realizing it. The previous GTA series game, GTA 5, also had a casino, but it could be played offline, and players could find cheats and hacks at GTA 5 casino games. The Diamond Casino case is different — it is always online and forces player obedience.

Dynamics Between Gaming and Gambling Online

Video games have always had some randomness and that’s what made them so much fun. Those that don’t have randomness (chess) most often draw or stalemate. GTA video games are no different and they’ve always made randomness harmless fun. However, the GTA casino crossed the line, becoming potentially addictive. The realistic Diamond Casino games’ appearance and behavior make players gamble even under the watchful parental eyes.

Players’ addiction causes real-world responsibility and relationship apathy. Addicts become obsessed playing the GTA Diamond Casino and start using chip-gaining shortcuts. There are countless GTA casino videos claiming a shortcut or a win exploit. Sadly, there are no such exploits because the game creators always monitor it, and those players start spending real money, i.e., gambling.

Ten million GTA Online in-game cash is priced at €75, blurring the line between gaming and gambling. Pirated roleplaying GTA Online servers have no line — players can send server operators money, and it becomes the GTA casino chip balance. That reinforces the gambling addiction development, which might take years but always increases reckless behavior and gambling trivialization.

Games To Make Money in GTA Online

The GTA casino games resemble real-world gambling and follow real-world rules, too. They resemble a get-rich-quick scheme or appear a fun romp but largely use randomness. One exception is blackjack, which does take some skill. Players who are skilled at playing them will have a great real-world casino experience playing similar games at online casino Hungary. The games are:

  • Blackjack
  • Inside Track (horse racing)
  • Lucky Wheel
  • Roulette
  • Slots
  • Three Card Poker


GTA Online blackjack deals hands and provides 2–5 cards whose sum is near but not over 21, so the dealer’s sum is beaten. The dealer always stands on 17 and always plays last. However, this blackjack has unique splitting rules. Two same-rank cards (e.g., two aces) can be split. The player gets two hands, both played concurrently.

Inside Track (horse racing)

The player can pick one thoroughbred horse. They can stake $100–10,000 and win a maximum $300,000 a race. Horses #1 and #2 are the most likely winners but also provide the lowest winnings. Single Event races last 30 seconds but the Main Event lasts around a minute. The Main Event allows for multiplayer participation..

Lucky Wheel

Lucky Wheel is a Diamond Casino game that allows one free spin a day, choosing one reward (drop chances given so):

  • Cash (20%)
  • Casino Chips (20%)
  • Clothing (20%)
  • Mystery Prize (5%)
  • Podium Vehicle (5%)
  • RP (25%)
  • Vehicle Discount (5%)

Clothing can be any outfit or clothing in-game item, but none can be won twice using the Wheel. Mystery Prize can be any other Lucky Wheel prize or snacks, ammo, armor, a bicycle, or a rare vehicle. Vehicle Discount is a single-use 10% random dealership website discount that must be spent within one in-game day (48 real-time minutes).


The roulette is American style and includes the double zero. The player can wager thus: single numbers, sets having 2, 3, 4, or 6 numbers, columns, odd/even, or red/black. Payout is probability-bound and can be 2x–36x. Picking and hitting a single number has the highest payout.


GTA Online slot machines have nine themes. Each theme has different bet amounts and payout ranges. Evacuator has the lowest while Deity of the Sun has the highest. Payouts are given if lining up three identical symbols and can reach millions.

Three Card Poker

Another fun card game; the GTA casino uses the actual Three Card Poker rules. Place the Ante bet and receive three cards. Double the bet or fold. If the bet is doubled, both hands are revealed. The dealer must have a Queen or higher or forfeit play.

GTA Online Casino & Resort Membership

As any other reputable establishment, the Diamond Casino has a membership system so it keeps the riff-raff out. There are two membership tiers: Standard and VIP. Both tiers get a 1,000-chip daily visitor bonus. The Standard tier can be bought using little money but the VIP tier takes some work, providing exclusive areas and services access. Some high-limit betting and lounge areas are VIP-only. A player using a Standard Membership will be turned back if entering those areas.

The Standard Membership is $500 (Tom Connors sells it). It allows public casino access, gambling areas, and the gambling services. This membership tier includes a 5,000 chips welcome gift.

There is no monetary VIP membership price, but players who own a Master Penthouse are automatically given the VIP Membership. The Master Penthouse can be given via the Twitch Prime subscription. This membership tier delivers a perk cornucopia plus the $50,000 daily chip purchase limit.

VIP membership grants service access thus:

  • cleaning maid (post-party clean-up)
  • limousine pickup (taxi service)
  • helicopter travel (air taxi service)

VIP players can buy art pieces. The Casino Store sells numerous art pieces so patrons can adorn their Master Penthouse. The art style is appropriately gaudy. The prices include a paltry 7,800 and a mere 115,000 chips.

Why do people enjoy Diamond Casino in GTA Online?

Even though it was released seven years ago, GTA’s numerous updates make it go strong; one update added the Diamond Casino. Its casino enjoyment was designed thus:

  • Lack of real-world consequences. Zany randomness fits the GTA casino well, developing fun situations. The GTA video game series encourages risk-taking and a carefree attitude when losing everything. Even if players do lose everything, they can recover by playing the game.
  • Immersive gambling experience. The GTA casino gambling matches real-world gambling. Those who already know the game rules will enjoy it that much more. Those who have the skill will even have a slight advantage.
  • Accessibility and convenience. Players can easily access the Diamond Casino. The Standard Membership is easily affordable. The VIP membership makes gambling much more convenient.
  • Potential for rewards and winnings. Some rare items are GTA casino drops. The Lost Slamvan is an exclusive Lucky Wheel prize, having a 0.005% drop chance. In-game cash millions are also tantalizing.
  • Social interaction. Others can join the GTA casino. Players can even bet against one another during the Inside Track’s Main Event. Whatever happens, they can share it and have a group laugh.
  • Magnificent graphics. The realistic graphics create a realistic gambling environment. Players can forget about their lives’ drudgery and gamble away. When they quit the casino, there is an unbroken regular GTA gameplay transition.