Mythic Dungeons are a complicated endgame of WOW that brings good prizes and gear. The main difference from regular dungeons is getting the best rewards.

General concept of mythical dungeons

The Mythic Plus dungeons in World of Warcraft are a huge ending to the game and one of the best ways to get high-level gear. But it is also one of the most difficult game modes in WoW, requiring skill, knowledge of the complex layouts of each dungeon, boss abilities, and speed data. This mode is not for beginners. You can only complete it by using the boosting service specifically for Mythic Plus. In other cases, you will have to go a long and difficult path to complete Mythic Plus.

Part of the problem is that the Mythic Plus dungeons are not well understood. Unlike regular dungeons, you can’t just look at the adventure log and read what actions to take. There are certain routes that change weekly, various strategies developed by the community, and many rules of the game – do’s and don’ts when playing through Mythic Plus dungeons with strangers.

Mythic Plus is a higher difficulty mode compared to regular dungeons. You will fight the same enemies and bosses as on the normal difficulty levels of Mythic of Heroic, but with many different systems that complicate the task of fighting in different ways.

Do’s and Don’ts

Important Features and Tips for Mythic Dungeons:

It is not necessary to join clans, sometimes creating your own can cause less pressure from other players, it is better to create a “beginner” clan for the same players as you.
Explore every dungeon and affix that you will be dealing with each week before starting any battles. By the time you get to Mythic Plus, you’ll probably have completed each dungeon multiple times on Mythic difficulty. Be prepared to set aside an hour or so to master the game, especially at the beginning. Remember that you cannot replace someone in the center of the dungeon. If you leave the game yourself, it will be a sign of disrespect for other players. Mythic Plus requires focus, so participate if you are confident in your abilities.

What to do if there is not enough strength on the characters

If you have not acquired good items, and it is difficult to play in mythical dungeons, you can order WoW Mythic boost – this is an account boosting in order to achieve any goals.

How to be a good tank

Tanks are perhaps the most important characters in dungeon crawling. The tank will most likely be the leader of the team and the one who sets the pace for the dungeon. When playing as any Tank, remember the following steps:

The tanks’ job in Mythic Plus is to guide the squad through the dungeon. It is important to know all the mechanics of each enemy. Play harmoniously with your healers and fighters so as not to take a lot of cooldowns into battle.

Tank classes:
– Demon Hunter;
– Monk;
– Death Knight;
– Warrior;
– Paladin;
– Druid.

How to be a good fighter

DPS – Damage Per Second. The main task of each fighter is to inflict maximum damage. Each fighter knows that his task is not only to cause more damage, but also to survive, along the way exploring the terrain and getting prizes. As a DPS, your job is to deal damage, but also control most of the combat mechanics. This means limiting certain abilities of opponents or dodging attacks, but many fights require specific strategies. You also need to think over a clear strategy to win. DPS can play both ranged and melee.

Playing as a healer

Healers keep the clan stable, making sure that your tank and DPS don’t die, especially with critical errors. This role can be extremely stressful because when players die, they can blame the healer. You constantly need to warn your partners about the possibilities of evading blows. Top healers can anticipate upcoming events ahead of time.