Video games have always allowed us to travel, to dream of idyllic environments (all right, others not so much), and to transport us to unimaginable places. This is just one of their many virtues.

Even with 2D graphics, it was a real delight to travel through dreamlike landscapes, halfway around the world, or through different eras thanks to this hobby that we love so much. Who doesn’t remember Carmen San Diego traveling worldwide to catch criminals? Or those time jumps through fictional worlds that left our mouths wide open in Chronno Trigger?

A marvel.

Assassins Creed Mirage official screenshots 1 scaled 1 How Uncharted and todays video games allow us to travel around the world | VGLeaks 2.0

A marvel that with the leap to 3D and VR is reaching mind-blowing heights. Because here we have Assassin’s Creed allowing us to travel around our precious Earth in a multitude of eras. Egypt, Revolutionary France, resplendent Florence… and yet, a whole world still remains to be explored.

And if we talk about a world to travel, a world to discover, Uncharted comes to mind because it is one of the most beloved sagas of the last few decades, where we travel around our planet in a different way. More, so to speak, Indiana Jones style. From London to Scotland, from Italy to France via Tibet or, why not, Madagascar. Always in search of solving mysteries and finding treasures.

And on this journey around the world, we find Africa. And if Nathan Drake has already been to Madagascar, why not think about a day in Tanzania and visit a wonder like the Serengeti? Among lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes and a whole environment that overwhelms. Or, why not try to climb the magical peak of Kilimanjaro? To skim the sky from Africa in search of another secret full of mysticism.

But do you know the best thing? You can do all this right now without having to wait for good old Nate. You can go, enjoy the trip of a lifetime, and experience Tanzania and its wonders for yourself. Just make sure that, if you want to go, you apply online for a tourist visa.

We assure you: Tanzania and its wonders will not disappoint you!