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Factor 5 produced one of the best games based on the Star Wars universe: Rogue Squadron. This game captured the essence and the vibe of Star Wars through a fast-paced design and a top notch gameplay. Rogue Squadron was an arcade after all, a good one.

Thinking back on it, the sound was really well produced, even the game used the N64’s Expansion Pak to increase the resolution. That was an era of add-ons and strange gimmicks.

Some years ago, there was a remake for the Rogue Squadron trilogy in development. Sadly, the project was cancelled due to the economic recession in 2008.

Bullet points about this title:

– Originally in the works for the Xbox
– Factor 5 became interested in motion controls on Wii
– The team decided to resurrect the Xbox Star Wars Trilogy project for Wii
– The team salvaged the code and started bringing the game over
– The project was 50% done on Xbox
– All control schemes were supported, including GameCube controller and various peripherals
– You could even use the Wii wheel to control your X-Wing, using the balance board for pedals
– Revamped content included speeder bike racing levels, third-person action sequences, and lightsaber battles
– Lightsaber battles used 1:1 motion controls
– All-new graphics engine running at 60 frames per second
– The project was completed, but then cancelled
– Cancellation is blamed on the financial crisis of 2008
– Other publishers tried to help out
– Unfortunately, financial hardship, legal snafus and budgetary restrictions killed the game
– Julian Eggebrecht, former president of Factor 5 loves the Wii U, but its unpredictable trajectory and licensing troubles in general make a new Star Wars Wii U game unlikely

IGN published footage for this game, please follow this link to see it.

The lightsaber dueling gave the impression to be clumsy and rough.

Thanks, Neo-GAF.