Due to the rise of the popularity of gaming, gamers can now become professional athletes. They won’t need to run tracks and workout, as gaming has morphed into a different kind of sport, an e-sport. There are countless teams and players looking to become professional gamers.

Also, there are several tournaments where players can test their mettle. So far, there have been lots of competitions and winners across the world. The Middle East has been host to some of them, as the region has been working towards becoming an e-sports mecca.

There are lots of e-sports leagues and matches present today and plenty of streaming platforms that cover them. Fans from across the Middle East can enjoy them via their computer and mobile devices. Some players might be looking to place bets with their skins and gear, as there are lots of other platforms that cover these events.

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As mentioned before, the Middle East is developing to become an e-sports center, and there is evidence to support this expansion.

E-Sports Investments

With its current efforts, the Middle East is working toward becoming an e-sports hub. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia pave the way for the future of such events. They are investing in various infrastructures that will promote the sport, economic gain, and local talent development.

It all started in 2017 for Saudi Arabia as that’s the year when the Saudi E-Sports Federation was founded. The federation has been working toward developing the Middle Eastern e-sports ecosystem which encompasses arenas, training facilities, and tapping the supply of regional gamers.

The United Arab Emirates has taken similar steps. They have been constructing various facilities and venues to foster championships and train the winners of the future. The Meydan One complex in Dubai is an example of the UAE’s efforts. The complex contains a massive arena dedicated to sports and its events. Dubai is also the host for the 2023 E-Sports and Games Festival which is a 179-day gaming event.

Hosting Prestigious Tournaments

Aside from Dubai, several other regions have been hosts to prestigious tournaments throughout the years. If we turn to Saudi Arabia, e-sports will have remembered that it was the host country for the 2020 PUBG Mobile World League. The tourney’s success showed the world that the Middle East is committed to e-sports.

2022 was another important year for e-sports in the Middle East, as the number of tournaments grew. Championships such as the 2020 DOTA 2 Riyadh Masters, Gamers8 Rocket League, Rainbow Six, and Fortnite took place in the region. Local and global companies support the development of e-sports in the Middle East with big names like Activision, Blizzard, and Electronic Arts making an appearance.

Growing Fan Base and Regional Talent Development

Naturally, e-sports are significant to younger generations of gamers in the Middle East as gaming is a popular hobby among them. Furthermore, they enjoy a variety of streams on Twitch, YouTube, and other similar platforms and are looking to become popular streamers themselves. Various companies are looking to tap into the potential of domestic players, which is why they invest in training facilities.

E-sports academies are already present and are training future champions. So far, there are several e-sports teams in the Middle East. These include the likes of Twisted Minds, Falcons Esport, Crow Esports, and others. Yallah Esports is another team that has become quite popular due to its skills and has nabbed sponsorships from Intel, Asus, and even Burger King.

Nevertheless, there are several companies that cater to the e-sports winners of the future. They ensure players get the proper equipment, training nutrition, and a chance at multiple tournaments. Once they prove their worth, they can test their skills against the best and brightest in the e-sports world.

The Future of E-Sports in the Middle East

All things considered, the future of e-sports in the Middle East is looking good. Various countries are building the right infrastructure and getting the proper attention from international brands when it comes to the development of e-sports. Some countries have already proven successful hosts of tournaments which is why they will continue in those footsteps.

As gaming proves to be a popular hobby in the region, the number of professional e-sports athletes will continue to grow in the coming years. The Middle East will not only become a new mecca of e-sports tournaments but will also cultivate talent that will climb the ranks of the e-sports ladder. In short, the Middle East will prove to be a vital proving ground for many future champions.