We start the day with a surprise: the gameplay trailer for what could have been a new Marvel multiplayer game, Spider-Man: The Great Web, has been leaked.

The game had already appeared in the Insomniac leaks and would have been a 5-player multiplayer game, with a live service core.

According to the Insomniac Leaks, Sony canceled this game.

The footage shown of Spider-Man: The Great Web is very polished. On the one hand, the footage could be a proof of concept and use assets and animations from previous Spider-Man games, such as Miles Morales. Or maybe from future DLC that we haven’t seen yet.

In addition, we see other Insomniac features: players fight against the Sinister Six in New York City with a very “multiverse” schema where they use portals and rifts that we’re all familiar with.

We leave you with a sneak peek at the trailer, although it might get knocked down. We’ll keep an eye out for it.