After Ubisoft decided to cancel Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Patriots, the eyes of the fans focused on the new iteration on the saga: Rainbow Six Siege, since the moment the company announced the game at E3 2014.

Siege, which is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, will use Ubisoft’s AnvilNext game engine (no Unreal Engine this time) and today we have the opportunity to watch some leaked footage from the PC closed alpha.

Furthermore, reddit user DL-Z_ftw shared many details from the Rainbow Six Siege alpha:

  • The closed alpha is Version 0.1.0.
  • The airplane map is called “Plane” and has the following named zones: “Seating Journalist,” “Bathroom,” “Exterior,” “Cargo,” “Cargo Entrance,” “First Aid,” “Cargo Room A,” “Cargo Room B,” “Military Seating,” “Stairs Cockpit,” “Kitchen Prep,” and “Seating Staff.” These  names are helpful in planning out a round in voice communications.
  • The map is “huge,” and has detailed indoor environments, multiple floors, and such.
  • The map has the following cameras available in “Support Mode” (after a player dies): “Luggage Hold,” “Cabin Staff,” “Main Corridor,” and two others.
  • CTUs: GIGN (atleast 3 CTUs will be in the closed alpha).
  • Primary Weapons: MP5 MLI (stock color in closed-alpha is golden), P90, 591A1, FAMAS G2, K33 NATO, and G36C.
  • Secondary Weapons: NP-9, Model 586, MAC11, 226 MK25, and M45 MEUSOC.
  • Gadgets: Barbed Wire (injures and slows down attackers), Sledgehammer (a breaching hammer to break through destructible surfaces), Deployable Shield (crouch-height cover that blocks all weapon damage), Breach Charge, Stun Grenade, EMP Grenade (disables any electronics in range), Shock-Drone (disables traps and also shocks enemies), Frag, and Bonfire Launcher,
  • Defenders / Attackers Types: Recruit (can be picked by more than one player and has the most customization options), Thatcher (Attacker – UK flag on his arm), Twitch (Attacker – WIP, plus a GIGN tag on his arm), Sledge (Attacker), Ash (Attacker – probably the female operator). A total of 11 types are available, recruit is common to both Attacker and Defenders, plus 5 unique types for both Attacker / Defender, each.
  • Each kit has a specific icon.
  • Each Defender / Attacker / CTU type has a specific “bonus” ability: Recruit (Croix Rogue – Improved revive ability), Thatcher (Gas Mask – Damage received from smoke is reduced and also no coughing will happen).
  • There is knifing.
  • Grenade explosions have a deafening effect that lasts around five seconds or so.
  • Scoring Points: Barricading: +5, Injure: +50, Injure Assist: +50, Confirm Kill: +50, Kill Assist: +75, Kill: +100, Headshot: +50, and Gadget Destroyed: +10.
  • Barricading can be destroyed by teammates.
  • When injured, you can move/crawl to get to safety.
  • The voice-overs in the video are in English, but the accent was French.
  • The animation for climbing up ladders is not yet properly implemented, as it can been in the screenshot that there’s a gap between the player and ladder.
  • When hit, your screen gets zoom-blurred for a moment.
  • When an enemy player notices and shoots you, you can see the white hit-direction indicators on screen.
  • This area shows the health of your player, and probably body armor type/ status. The shirt icon probably shows that the player isn’t wearing any armor.
  • Magazine Reloading: If you have ammo 1/269 and you reload, you get to 31/239 (for the MP5 MLI). Moreover, the reload animation restarts if interrupted by another action.
  • Death Replay (aka first-person kill cam) of around seven seconds is shown after one’s death, which can also be “skipped.”
  • There’s an end-of-round replay, as well.
  • A decisive round shows “Match Point” on the top of timer-clock.
  • Damage Log (top-right) indicating the damage done by your killer is shown in the Death Replay screen.
  • End-of-round screen shows Round Graph (time-line of kills, etc.) and Round Report (scores, kills and deaths, etc.)
  • Some of the stuff shows a work-in-progress. The textures also read “Alpha” at some points on the map.

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Via | Reddit, Gematsu