Since the sale of the Star Wars rights to Disney, we have heard lotta rumors about the new movies but, sincerely, I’m more interested in games. Disney has missed its opportunities with potential IPs (Pixar movies, Disney movies and games like Split/Second). The ‘’bright minds’’ behind the company have destroyed the games division. That’s a mess and I wouldn’t trust in the Mickey Mouse enterprise about the Star Wars games.

They could recover Jedi Knight saga or Star Wars Racer franchise (among others), they have a lot, a lot that they are not going to use well.

Kotaku has leaked the first details about Star Wars: First Assault, a downloadable game predecessor to Battlefront III. Details:

    • Downloadable multiplayer shooter, the game would support up to 16 players. 8 rebels VS 8 Stormtroopers.
    • Release: Spring 2013.

1 600x347 Leaked details on Star Wars: First Assault | VGLeaks 2.0

    • Star Wars: First Assault would be a sweet bait for the buyers, if the game sell enough, they could produce Battlefront III.
    • Engine: Unreal engine.
    • Current status: Apparently in limbo (not announced yet and according the leak, the game should release this spring).

2 600x339 Leaked details on Star Wars: First Assault | VGLeaks 2.0


Moreover I would like to quote one sentence from the source:

Last September, when executives at LucasFilm—the parent company of LucasArts—found out that Disney had signed an agreement to purchase the company, things got murky. LucasFilm froze all hiring and new game announcements, our source says.

Disney can’t handle the situation about the Star Wars games now, it’s a fact.

Thanks, Kotaku.