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Eurogamer confirms that PS4 Slim is real and exists. Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter visited the person behind the PS4 Slim leaks and uploaded a video showing the new PS4 model booting up.


Wall Street Journal has informed that Sony pretends to present two new PS4 models at PlayStation Meeting (September 7th). Neo will be one of these models and the other one could be a new PS4 redesign.

The appearance of this model has been leaked. “PS4 Slim” would be practically identical to the ordinary PS4 model speaking about size and would have a different design. Therefore, treat this model as a Slim one is more a euphemism than the reality. Moreover, Sony could have removed the optical audio port in this new PS4 iteration.

PS4 Slim in detail:

PS4 Neo could follow the design imposed in this new PS4.

Thanks, NeoGAF.