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In a recent interview on Nikkei Level 5 CEO, Akihiro Hino, spoke about some interesting things about the company.

The most shocking new is the confirmation that Level 5  is working on an  unannounced PS4 title. He hasn’t provide any detailed info about the game, but knowing Level 5 last output it’s possible that it could be a new rpg for PS4.

Maybe it’s a Ni No Kuni or a White Knight Chronicles sequel? Who knows.  Or, perhaps, it may be the rumored MMORPG that Hino hinted in Famitsu not so long ago?

The project  is only in planning stages. We don’t know nothing more about it right now.

Other things commented in the interview are:

  • Fantasy Life shipped 300k units in Japan.
  • Yokai Watch is their big commercial project for this year.
  •  Hino appears to be personally involved in a big smartphone project.
  •  They want to expand Guild Series to Android/IOS devices.