Image Credit: Niphon subsri via Canva

The Metaverse is here to stay whether you like it or not, and Mark Zuckerberg is playing a massive role and that is a mega ‘meta’ fact. Mark along with many technology leaders are very optimistic about the Metaverse and the myriad of immersive experience applications which will come along with it.

Mark Zuckerberg made the first big wager on his Meta bet on the Metaverse in 2014 when he decided to acquire Oculus a company known for being one of the pioneers in VR – Virtual Reality. 

The recent name change of Facebook to Meta Platforms Inc. which is more widely known to the general public as Meta, also speaks volumes on Mark Zuckerberg’s internet evolution trajectory. 

It will be interesting to see if Mark Zuckerberg will be actively involved and even collaborate with the Cybersecurity industry in tandem to ensure that all the “fun and games” with the Metaverse will not catch internet users off-guard and produce a higher rate of vulnerability which is likely to cause a ripple effect and impact the masses in a negative way

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Responsibility 

It goes without saying that Mark Zuckerberg practice common decency as a digital citizen of the world, and put people before money to ensure that users will not be subject to malicious cyber-attacks such as DDoS, keylogger, stalkerware spyware, and even digital id theft with potential digital avatar personas getting hacked. 

In fact, this could also be a PR repair opportunity given all the past data/privacy breaches and government scrutiny pointing directly at him. 

A proactive approach will be good for Mark and Meta Platform Inc’s reputation and also for all the Metaverse aficionados and early adopters.

Metaverse Enthusiasts: Don’t Forget to Purchase a Cybersecurity Suite

Mark Zuckerberg should remind Metaverse enthusiasts and early adopters of the importance of practicing prudent cyber security, and to ensure that all major steps to secure their devices and networks have been taken, prior to allowing the ‘Metaverse Party’ to start.  Although it is not Mark’s direct responsibility it would definitely be the “right” thing to do.

The first and wisest step to take as you join Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious journey in playing a part in building the Metaverse is downloading a free trial of a comprehensive web security solution for all your endpoint devices such as laptops and tablets. 

Look for a reputable cyber security firm with a proven track record and countless testimonials from satisfied existing long-term customers and a firm for which you can safely assume is already researching the Metaverse’s potential Web 3.0 related malware and other cyber threats. 

If you own a business, there is a good chance that your business stands to gain from the Metaverse and its respective life like immersive applications. In that case when searching for an evaluation copy of a comprehensive cyber security solution for personal use, ensure that this company also offers a comprehensive solution for business. 

If you like the personal version, there is a strong chance you will also feel comfortable and have a similar usage experience with the business version. 

Once you are confident and comfortable with a given firm’s solution, purchase the full version without delay for immediate and uninterrupted protection.