Monster Hunter World sales leaked by platform

Monster Hunter World is the bestselling title for Capcom ever. The action game was released almost three years ago and is still selling well. That perform has been pushed thanks to Iceborne, an excellent expansion for World.

Sales have been leaked by platform and territory. Check it out:


  • PC USA: 1.616mil
  • PC EU: 1.570 mil
  • PC Asia: 2.531 mil
  • PC NonJP Total: 5.717 mil


  • Sony USA: 2.392 mil
  • Sony EU: 1.702 mil
  • Sony Asia: 1.414 mil
  • Sony NonJP Total: 5.509 mil

Japan, PC VS PS4

  • PC Japan: 236k
  • Sony Japan: 3.184mil


  • Xbox Base Game 1.789 mil
  • Xbox IB 448k

Great sales after all.

Thanks, AsteriskAmpersand and Resetera.