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Save September 7th in your agenda. That day, Sony will unveil PS4 Neo, their upgraded PS4 capable to enhance the PlayStation VR experience and improve the stability of any game programmed to take advantage of this new piece of hardware. The brand will commercialize Neo development kits and Test Kits soon.

Sony has announced internally that Development final Kits for Neo will be available to purchase in early September. Neo PS4 Test Kits will be available to acquire in October. These dates demonstrate that Sony will launch Neo this year.

Specific information about the kits:

Neo PS4 development kit (DUH-D7000AA series): available to purchase in early September at $2000/2000€.

Neo PS4 Testing Kit (DUH-T7000AA series): available to purchase in October at $800/800€.

Further details:

Concrete specifications on dev/test kits will be revealed closer to the release. Specifications could change respecting the ones leaked time ago.

– Sony requires the prototypes return once the final equipment will be received.

Official Neo PS4 prototype specifications:*


Uses same “Jaguar” cores as the original PlayStation®4, at higher frequency

Original PS4:
8 cores at 1.6 GHz

8 cores at 2.1 GHz (1.3x faster)


Uses improved version of AMD GCN CUs, more CUs/at higher frequency

Original PS4:
18 CUs at 800 MHz

36 CUs at 911 MHz (2.3x FLOPs)


Uses same 8 GB GDDR5 as the original PlayStation®4, at higher bandwidth

Original PS4:
176 GB/s

NEO: 218 GB/s (1.24x)

HDD: Same as original PlayStation®4

CPU/GPU Resources: Same percent as original PlayStation®4

– CPU: 6.5 cores in 7 core mode.
– GPU:
– 0.5 mS for foreground execution
– 50% for background execution

Memory Budget for Game

– Game Budget: + 512 MiB Direct Memory = 5.5GiB (total)
– Only available for NEO Mode

Extended Features

– Some extension of other features might be added, such as 1080p recording (TBD)

Official prototype specifications provided by Sony. These prototype specifications were leaked time ago, but Sony has kept them in the latest documentation.

*Final specifications for dev/test kits will be revealed ahead the official release of this material.