When people think on Ninja Theory, they have a face like thunder. Gamers remember DmC and the awful frame rate of Enslaved, among other nuggets of reality.

Ninja Theory is hiring for its new project, apparently an AAA game running on Unreal Engine 4. This game could have shooting, melee combat and stealth. The study would like to recruit the following staff:

Technical Director, QA Lead, Senior Designer, Senior Animator, FX Artist, Animator, Junior Animator, Lead, Senior and Junior Character Artist.

Ninja Theory demands for some roles, people with previous experience in AAA games. If you think, you’re the right person for one of those vacancies, apply now.

On another subject, what game is making Ninja Theory? DmC 2, Heavenly Sword 2 a new IP, … I would like to play DmC 2, I had a good time with the first part. Please forgive me.

Thanks, VG24/7.