The big N is most likely preparing the field for their new system. The logic forces us to think that they are going to present something in the vein of Nintendo Switch. Portable and able of running a wide variety of games.

The company has filed a patent for an innovative system enabling multiplayer gameplay. However, it’s essential to note that the elements described in the patent may not necessarily be incorporated into a final retail product.

Nintendo’s patent describes a dual-screen console where the screens can be detached to form two separate handheld systems, allowing two different gamers to play the same games together. The design presented in the patent resembles a prototype version of the 3DS. While this doesn’t guarantee anything, this system could potentially enable Nintendo to include DS and 3DS games in a new console like the Switch 2, preserving the gameplay experience from their respective handhelds.

Design Nintendo has patented a device with a detachable dual screen | VGLeaks 2.0

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