The NBA is more than just a game to watch on the television, the unpredictable nature of the game makes it one of the most popular betting sports around as the odds swing week to week based on form and injuries. Players compete in fantasy leagues and there are countless video games based on the league.

No matter your skill level on the court, you can still enjoy the computer games which come out based on the NBA with plenty of varying themes and designs.

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect travel console and a top choice for basketball gaming. The handheld console has no real rival when it comes to quality and convenience, providing gamers with an incredible range of games on each version of the Switch.

Basketball is all about speed and movement, which makes it the perfect game for the Nintendo Switch. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and pick and play whenever you get the chance.

Whatever you are up to, from lunch break at work, commuting to and from home, relaxing on the sofa after watching the NBA live, you can pick up the Switch and get gaming. It’s as quick as betting sports online and in-play.

NBA Gaming on the Switch

NBA 2K24

The Kobe Bryant edition is available on the Nintendo Switch and is a must for all basketball fans. Experience the past, present and future of the NBA with the opportunity to collect legends and build your perfect lineup in MyTEAM.

MyCAREER mode offers you plenty of personalization features for your character to then take to the court and dominate.

Get a taste of Mamba Moments™ where you can recreate some of Kobe Bryant’s most impressive and captivating moments as a superstar in the NBA.

Pick up the Switch and play at any time with career modes for when you can immerse yourself with MyPLAYER and build on your skillset and play to your strengths with a new set of quests on offer. Or try Mamba Moments™ and one-off exhibition games to keep yourself sharp and get to control stars from around the league.

NBA 2K20

Possibly the best version of the series available on the Nintendo Switch. The whole NBA 2K20 experience has been developed to fit on the Switch and provide the full experience on the go in this trusty little travel device.
The graphics on the main consoles may be almost lifelike, being scaled down to fit the switch really has taken much away. It is still a seriously strong product and that minor drop in graphics is made up for in portability.

MyCAREER mode does require online connections but can be played wherever you go with wifi and data easily available and operates quickly and reliably so you can game as well as enjoy sports betting online to back the teams you’re playing as on the Switch in real life.

Players behave and look more realistic than ever from previous versions which brings your roster to life when you play on the Switch. For Switch owners, this game is a clear frontrunner for the best NBA option out there with excellent features, compelling gameplay and the inclusion, at last, of the WNBA.

Other Basketball Games to Enjoy


This is an NBA-Jam kind of game, with 2v2 basketball matchups between robots. The rules keep changing, the action is relentless, and the graphics and gameplay are exciting. It is a game for those who love a bit of chaos, randomness, and robots with their basketball.

Basketball Club Story

If your skills on the court aren’t all that, why not take a moment away from the pace of the game to try out a more RPG style. Success comes from building a happy team and this game provides all the sim elements on NBA 2K in a cool GBA-style pixel art package.

Junior League Sports Basketball

A nice way to ease yourself in as a younger gamer, or just an inexperienced one. It is a fun-based game with less attention to the real skills and tactics of the NBA with a number of different game modes like Knockout Cups and tournaments, as well as multiplayer modes where you can take on your friends.

All these games as well as the many more on offer on the Nintendo Switch provide an excellent gaming experience for people of all ages and abilities.

The Switch provides you with a mobile gaming experience which is almost unrivaled. The quality of the games is no longer surprising due to the continual development and work which has gone into them. The gameplay is often quick, seamless, and exhilarating, no matter which title you choose.

NBA fans can immerse themselves on long drives or lazy Sundays on the sofa, alone or in multiplayer mode. With excellent performance and graphics, NBA fans should make sure they pick up a Switch and get involved in all the fun.