Day by day, we are receiving bits of information about Switch, is Nintendo leaking all these nuggets of info intentionally? Probably. It’s a great way to keep Switch alive during the drought of official info.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild could not be ready to receive Switch in March, but Nintendo could commercialize a new 3D Mario and a Mario Kart 8 port alongside Switch. Bullet points of rumors:

Breath of the Wild would miss Switch’s March launch. Wii U version is still planned to be released. This version would not come in the expected launch date either.

New 3D Mario would be a launch title. The game would be focused in exploration like Mario 64. There would be a hub to connect different worlds, in these worlds we could have different objectives to complete. Nonlinear path.

New 3D Mario would include a co-op multiplayer. Players would work together to complete objectives.

– Nintendo would have a demo from this new Mario ready to be shown to the press in January 2017.

Switch expensed unit would come with a unit of an enhanced version of Splatoon. This new version would include a 1 vs 1 mode to take advance of the handheld nature of Switch.

– Skyrim would be a day 1 title. Mods support could be a thing.

– Mario Kart 8 port could be ready to hit the shelves together with Switch. This new version would include all the DLC launched previously on Wii U and new tracks, new characters and an improved battle mode.

Pokémon could be available on Switch early next year.

Thanks, ArcadeGirl64 & LPVG.