New 3D Mario is likely a launch title for Switch. Alongside the return of the Nintendo’s mascot, the big N could be programming enhanced ports of Mario Kart 8, Splatoon and Smash Bros. for the new hybrid system. In fact, Xenoblade X could be on works for Switch as well, but there are more rumors:

Pokémon Sun and Moon. A new version of Pokémon Sun and Moon could be already in development. The game is codenamed under the title of “Pokémon Stars” (Eclipse would have been fitted better IMHO). This would be the first than a Nintendo home console receives a main Pokémon title. The game would include features not included in Sun and Moon.

Mario & Rabbids RPG crossover. Ubisoft could be developing a turn based RPG performed by Mario & friends in a Mario universe invaded by the Ubisoft’s Rabbids. The game is internally known as “Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids” and would include cameos and a new Bowser created around the Rabbids design as a recurrent boss. Expect a demo from this game to be playable in the January Switch’s presentation. Launch title on Switch.

First year of games for Nintendo Switch by Emily Rogers: 3D Mario + Zelda + Pokemon + Mario Kart + Splatoon + New IP + Retro Studios game + Pikmin 4.

Nintendo has registeredWave Race” in Europe.