Nintendo will offer a different approach to the console and the handheld market with a system created to leap any hurdle for the place or the moment to play. A system with no barriers, that’s the idea behind Switch.

More unconfirmed Switch’s rumors:

Screen. The system could be built with a 6,2”screen, able to show content at 720p in a multi-touch device. The right Joy-Con would hide an IR sensor to replace the multi-touch functions when Switch is placed on the dock. Source.

External USB drives. Switch would not support external USB Drives. Source.

USB-C. Switch would include a USB-C port to charge the system when the console is not on the dock. Source.

– The new Nintendo’s machine could be compatible with SD cards of 128GB (SDXC tech). Source.

– Standard capacity of Switch card games could be 16GB. Note: standard capacity does not mean maximum capacity. If a game requires more space, the card would be bigger than 16GB. Source.

If Nintendo releases a new Super Mario a la Mario 64 alongside Switch, they will have my bucks on their pockets.