NX will be a handheld system with console capacity. A lot of rumors have been published pointing out that nature orientation for the new Nintendo’s system. Again, Nintendo would not compete directly with Sony and Microsoft, they would prefer to offer a different approach to potential consumers.

This asymmetrical point of view could allow Nintendo to conquer a new segment of the market. That’s the theory. In the speculations path, Emily Rogers, the same source that leaked some details ahead the reveal of Breath of the Wild, has shared new details about NX:

NX prototype had a 6.2” multi-touch screen. The screen showed games at 720p resolution.

– Prototype dock station (to attach NX in your home) had USB ports. 2 USB ports to be concrete.

– Information about detachable controllers with force feedback and motion controls was accurate.

Prototype specifications could differ or vary in the retail version, so, take this info as estimation.

Reckon on something, maybe a 720p screen is not the top of the technology, but NX is not a phone device. There are more factors to consider in videogames.

Thanks, NeoGAF.