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Eurogamer dropped the bomb about the NX’s conception. According that source, NX will be a handheld system with detachable controllers and console capabilities (could be connected a dock to be used as an ordinary console in home).

New info has been rumored about Nintendo NX:

– NX could use Pascal Tegra technology provided by Nvidia.

– NX would be compatible with Nintendo’s smartphone games.

We would like to add our own piece of information about the NX tech: some of our sources claim that NX tech capabilities would be closer to PS3 than PS4. Final specifications are not closed yet.

In addition to this, Nintendo could be preparing a bombastic line up to provide NX with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild, a new Mario and a Pokémon title to be launched within the first six months of NX in the market.

Thanks, Nintendolife & Direct-Feed Gaming.