Playing online games is one of the world’s fastest growing pastimes. There are so many different genres and types of online games, that most people find a handful that they really enjoy. Originally, it was only possible to enjoy these online games through an internet browser, which is why some refer to online games as ‘browser games’. However, with younger generations preferring to use their handheld devices, such as smart phones and tablets, online game developers have realised that many people would rather play these games through an app on their mobile device. While browser games may be accessible through mobile browsers on some devices, apps are far better as they start up faster and often run better as they are specifically designed for mobile devices. Apps are also better than mobile websites for online games specifically due to factors such as the inherent interactivity.

This has given rise to many online gaming companies making their own mobile applications that run parallel to their browser version game; essentially allowing players to choose whether they would prefer to play the game on an internet browser or through the app. But which is better – browser or app gameplay? Often it comes down to matters of personal preference, but we will outline some of the differences between playing online games on a browser and an app below.

Sunbingo has a very successful website through which they host their popular online bingo games, but they now also have a mobile app that allows users to play the same fun bingo games from their phones or tablets. Depending on the needs of the individual player, they can choose whether they would like to play on the browser or app version of the online game. When it comes to what is ‘better’, sunbingo users do not feel that the one is significantly better than the other, because both are well-designed, great platforms that do their respective jobs well.

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When it comes to flexibility and convenience, the app version of the online game is usually the winner. This is because you are able to play the game anywhere you want. While those who strictly use the browser version have to be by their computer. Many millennials, who are often the chief consumers of online games, lead busy and active lifestyles and are constantly moving. For them, using the app makes sense as it best fits in with their needs.

However, for people who are not always on the go, they may prefer playing on a browser. The reasons for this can vary; it could be because the display is larger –a factor for people who may have visual difficulties. Someone with visual impairments is easier able to modify settings on a computer to accommodate them. And for those who do not experience visual difficulties, they could simply enjoy the experience of seeing the fun and colourful graphics on a bigger screen –just as one would rather play an Xbox game on a bigger television screen.