So we all know that you are into games in a big way- that is why you are on this site! But have you heard about the latest craze that is sweeping the online world? Online gambling. Now wait a second, before you dismiss this and close the window- just hear me out!

In recent years, gambling and in particular online gambling has undergone a huge transformation. Providers of online platforms have completely revamped the industry and gone above and beyond the norm to create a fast paced, exciting industry for the enjoyment of millions of players every day. Gone are the days of sitting in a smoky casino hall, surrounded by noise, distractions and drunk people- nowadays the online world offers players great games, great security, and great special offers as you can see from the popular site Top Casino deals. If you like adventure, digital fun, great graphics, and the buzz of winning, then we highly suggest that you consider dipping your toes into the online world of iGaming.

2 Online gaming and the new video game genres | VGLeaks 2.0

What is it all about?
Did you know you can log on and play all of the games you would expect to find in a land casino, and more, from the comfort of your home or mobile device? You can choose from roulette, black jack, craps, poker, card games, reels and slots, lotto, keno, and more and some games even offer you live dealer facilities such as video poker! You will find that many providers have tapped into the younger market in a bid to increase popularity and as a result you will find lots of games that are themed after your favourite film and TV franchises so you are guaranteed to find something that ticks your boxes.

What about quality?
You might think “hmmm I am sure the graphics and gameplay quality isn’t that good”- you could not be further from the truth. Game developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt have been in the business since it started and they really know the drill. The offer player’s great gameplay, great graphics, great sound effects, and a slick easy to use gameplay- whether you are playing on your mobile or tablet, or on a desktop PC you will find that you are pleasantly surprised.

3 Online gaming and the new video game genres | VGLeaks 2.0
What should I look out for?
When looking for a provider, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, ensure that it is a reputable site with top quality games. Secondly ensure that the payment methods are secure and reputable- ePayment providers such as PayPal and Skriller are sure fire bets. Also look out for sites that offer players free bets, free spins, bonuses, deposit matches and other special offers- this shows that they really care about their customers and can afford to reward you for playing!

So there we go, a little overview of the newest big thing in the world of online gaming. Gambling is no longer for your grandma, or alcoholic uncle, it is cool, trendy, and one of the fastest growing digital industries in the world.