Long ago, when many of us thought about online games we immediately had in mind games such as Age of Empires, CounterStrike or Starcraft. Then, a second phase arrived and several famous franchises tried their luck with this kind of market. Warcraft, Final Fantasy or Phantasy Star were, from one day to the other, names that everybody could also perfectly associate with the online gaming. People began to meet at the Internet cafés and the online parties were events that, slowly, became more and more common in the life of any gamer.  The MMO era began.

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When the MMO fever was definitely something real for many developers, the gamer world began to realize that the online feature was something just too important to be ignored and so, we witnessed the emerging of PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam, EA Origins and many other online services that never have left.

Gamers got used to play online. Gamers wanted to play football, basketball or war games against their neighbours or another person from anywhere in the world. Gamers demanded an online game mode in their favourite games, regardless of whether they were console games or PC games, and that was not going to change anymore. The online mode became an essential feature.

Nowadays, this market has become so large and wide that we are able to play these kind of games even directly on our internet browser. Not that long ago it would be unthinkable to play this way games such as the ones mentioned at the beginning of the article, but the fact is that today we are able to play almost every genre we desire on our browser, including traditional games, gambling games or even Marvel games like Hulk Slots on club777.com.

With the Internet boom we are witnessing how even people that were not traditional gamers are, somehow or other, addicted to quick plays on their smartphones or tablets. That’s another important aspect on the online era: the gaming ecosystem has grown to a point with all the portable devices, that we can play anything we want on every device we have… practically when we want.

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We cannot deny this new reality: the online era is set and is here to stay.