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Another of the misterious components in Orbis specs is the DCE, or Display ScanOutDevice Engine.

To put into perspective, this component is the equivalent to the Display Planes in Durango for Orbis system. It’s a custom display and scanout block inside the GPU.

The main difference between Durango and Orbis relies in the number of  “planes”.  Orbis only contains two independent pipelines, one for games and one for OS overlays (Durango has three). Functions are similar, it allows to scale independently in resolution and blend, besides being framerate independant as well.

Each pipeline supports the following features:

– Surface resolutions from 320×200 to 1920×1080

– Hight quality up and down scalers

– Surface format may be 32 or 64 bits per pixel

– Deep color support (8, 10 or 12 bits per pixel)

– Two cursor overlays (up to 64×64 each, 3-D support).