Horror Concept in Video Games and iGaming

28 January, 2020 0

Horror has been a popular genre in literature and movie making for than a hundred years. With writers like Howard Lovecraft and movies like the Nosferatu, horror captured the minds of the audiences around the world, and now it [Read More]

Spin the tunes of Rock N’ Roll

27 January, 2020 0

There are plenty of themes that can be used for slot games. Mythology, fairy tales and hit movies are regularly used and so is Rock N’ Roll. The games plug into the massive fanbases that the rock groups and singers [Read More]

Best Platform for Games: iOS or Android?

17 January, 2020 0

Android and iOS are the two largest mobile platforms in the world. The battle rages on, and each has something to offer at every update or new release. Since smartphones and tablets are now first used instead of computers, but [Read More]

Tales of Arise rated in Korea

13 January, 2020 0

Tales of Arise could be a lot closer than we thought. This new Tales of game was officially announced last year with a release date set for 2020, but no info was given. Now, the game has appeared rated for [Read More]

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