Released in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V is a popular video game that allows players to relish an open-world adventure in an immersive storyline uncapped in a criminal action. The game’s superb qualities make it ideal for thrill seekers who prefer games with fast-paced action.

But GTA V isn’t your everyday video game. It offers endless missions that people often miss. For maximum enjoyment, pay attention to the tips outlined below.

1. Make a Quick Buck Whenever Your Stash Runs Low

Money is vital in GTA V. You need it to buy all sorts of weapons, including handguns, sniper rifles, melee weapons, submachine guns, and grenades. You also need it to acquire real estate, which, in turn, generates more money for you. Not to forget, you can’t buy fancy cars or clothing without cash.

When it comes to making money, GTA V allows you to do it in many ways. You can rob people, stores, or vehicles. Additionally, you can take on Lester’s jobs, which include heists and assassinations, and earn something. If none of these does the trick, gambling is another option.

GTA V has an impressive gambling establishment known as the Diamond Casino, which you’ll find appealing if you are a big fan of platforms like VPN-friendly casinos. It’s located on Vinewood Park Drive and has everything a gambler could wish for, including slot machines, three-card poker, and roulette. Check it out. Also, follow this link to learn more about VPN-friendly casinos.

Besides making some cash by playing the available casino games, you can get rich quickly by robbing the Diamond Casino itself. But note that this mission is risky and requires careful planning and execution.

2. Trying to Lose the Cops? Think Outside the Box

Attracting the attention of the police in GTA V is easy. You can do it by committing a crime like stealing a vehicle, mugging a pedestrian, or assaulting a cop. Vehicle-related infractions like reckless driving or running red lights also have the same effect. The same applies to shooting people and using explosives in public.

If your character does any of the wrongdoings outlined above, the police will start pursuing them. And depending on the crime committed, they will use different strategies to apprehend you, including setting up roadblocks and firing at you.

Several courses of action can help you lose the police in GTA V. If you have enough cash, bribe them. But note that bribing will only work if you’re a VIP or CEO. If that isn’t an option, call Lester, who coordinates jobs in the game. He will make the issue disappear. You can also underwater or hide in an underground tunnel.

3. Choose Getaway Vehicles with Utmost Care

GTA V has numerous heist missions. These include The Jewel Store Job, which involves robbing merchandise from the Vangelico Jewel Store, and the Paleto Score, a task your character must perform with the other two protagonists.

No matter the heist involved, you’ll need a good getaway vehicle to escape from the pursuing police officers and, in some cases, rival gangs. Consider discretion, durability, handling, and storage capacity when choosing fitting getaway vehicles. Some exceptional cars you can use in missions like The Big Score include the Ubermatch Oracle, Rapid Exemplar, and Karin Sultan.


GTA V is fun, no doubt. And there are many reasons to keep playing this game as you wait for Rockstar Games to release the much-awaited GTA 6. Meanwhile use these tips to take your experience from ordinary to extraordinary.