We had got HD versions of former successful games in the last gen and it’s something that could continue in this recently started era. We are going to change HD for 1080p, 60fps and a nibble of fireworks.

A new version of the Mass Effect Trilogy has been discussed internally at BioWare. Check out this Q&A between one user of Twitter and Aaryn Flynn, general manager at Bioware, in relation with this matter:

mass PS4/ Xbox One versions of the Mass Effect trilogy discussed internally at BioWare | VGLeaks 2.0

Nothing is confirmed, but if they have discussed this, there is an open chance to see this project.

In my case I have to admit that I haven’t finished the three Mass Effect games yet, my backlog is so huge. It could be an opportunity to redemption with Shepard and the Sci-Fi fable created by Bioware.

Thanks, OnlySP.