On September 27, 2023, one of the world’s leading gaming companies, Valve Corporation, released the sequel to their popular Counter-Strike franchise, Counter-Strike 2. CS2 would be the successor of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, arguably the most popular first-person shooter game in the world after over a decade of operations. CSGO has already built up a massive esports scene, and now it’s time for CS2 to take over. With all the additions to the new game, CS2 has the potential to become the greatest esports title in the coming years.

New And Improved Graphics In The Market

Unlike CSGO, Counter-Strike 2 will run on Valve’s newest engine, the Source 2 engine. The Source 2 engine allows the new game to have impeccable and realistic graphics, making CS2 much more visually appealing compared to its predecessor. Not only do CS2 graphics look better than CSGO, but it also beat the graphics of competing FPS titles such as Valorant.

The graphics update includes revamped maps, realistic features, new grenade effects, and more. Every CSGO map has been revamped with improved lighting and vibrant color schemes. The game looks much more realistic now, as Valve improved realistic water and glass breaking, giving players a more immersive experience.

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The newly improved graphics and lighting enhance not only the gaming experience but the viewing experience, too. Viewers will see pleasant visuals when watching live streams or esports tournaments, which is highly important for the success of an esports title. CS2 tournaments have become more watchable, especially for esports fans who are not regular players.

Though most players think an upgrade in graphics quality results in a reduction in performance, they’re completely wrong! Valve’s Source 2 engine allows players to run the game smoothly, ensuring players with low-end PCs can still join in on the action. The support of performance allows CS2 to keep a healthy and steady player base, which is crucial for building an active esports scene.

New And Interesting Mechanics

Visuals aren’t the only thing in the CS2 update package, as Valve has cooked up some game-changing gameplay mechanics into CS2.

The way grenades work is one of the main things Valve focused on. First, skyboxes are no longer existent, meaning players can freely throw grenades from one side of the map to the other. The deletion of skyboxes will allow players to come up with more grenade lineups, adding depths of strategy to the game.

The biggest mechanic change is how smoke grenades work. Smokes are an essential part of how CS is played, and Valve has made them volumetric. Players can temporarily disperse smoke grenades by throwing a HE grenade or shooting bullets, which can shift the pace of rounds.

Smokes being volumetric also means one-way smokes are no longer part of CS. Overall, the changes to smoke grenades make CS2 harder, making the game harder to master, which is a good sign to create the best esports title in the world.

CS2 Is Less Time Consuming

Another massive change in the transition from CSGO to CS2 is the round format. In the old game, CSGO matches used the MR15 format, which stands for “Maximum Rounds: 15”, meaning a team would need to reach 16 rounds to win in regulation. However, CS2 will follow the MR12 format, meaning teams only need 13 rounds to win a match.

Having fewer maximum rounds in a CS2 match allows games to end faster. One of the biggest problems for CSGO players is that matches take too long to end. These players usually have day jobs and cannot spare too much time to play Counter-Strike. However, with the new MR12 change, CS2 live scores end faster, allowing these players to fit more matches into their sessions.

Not only are regular competitive matches faster, but professional ones are also. Many CSGO fans claimed that the matches were too long, making them bored or sleepy when watching. Now, professional matches will end faster, making these games more watchable for an average esports viewer. If you want to check out the professional scene, find ongoing CS2 matches here. Having fewer rounds also gives professional teams less room for error. This creates a lot of high-suspense situations that can make a CS2 match more exciting and thrilling to watch.

Overall, the change to MR12 is positively received by casual CS2 players and fans, as the game has become less time-consuming. However, Valve has kept the economy system the same despite there being less rounds. Professional players are demanding Valve to reevaluate how the economic system should work. Once Valve finds a solution, pretty much everyone in the community, whether casual or pro, will be happy with the change.

Increased Investment From Teams And Tournament Organizers

The future for the CS2 esports scene is bright, and large organizations and teams understand this already. Professional teams such as Team Liquid and Falcons Esports are already making big money moves to secure the greatest CS2 players in their roster. They are spending millions of dollars on their rosters as they realize that CS2 will be a colossal esport, and that they need the best possible team in the scene.

For reference, Team Liquid is looking to purchase a Brazilian player named skullz, and his buyout is looking like it’s around the $600,000 mark. Keep in mind that this player is yet to prove himself in the Tier 1 scene and is already worth more than half a million dollars. S Tier players like NiKo, Magisk, and cadiaN are sought by these organizations and can very well be worth seven figures.

2 1 Reasons Why CS2 Will Be The Greatest Esports In The Future | VGLeaks 2.0

Numerous CS2 tournaments are lined up until next year, where big LAN tournaments will be held all over the world. In the most recent S Tier LAN tournament, IEM Sydney, the venue was sold out and totally packed with passionate fans. The MR12 format worked fine, and the CS2 matches were highly entertaining and engaging, showing a bright future for CS2 tournament organizers looking to invest.

Saudi Arabia is also planning to launch their own Esports World Cup, and you bet that CS2 is an integral part of their plan.


In conclusion, the success of CS2’s esports scene depends on Valve and the community. Valve has done a fantastic job of enhancing the game’s visuals and adding new mechanics to deepen the strategy of the game. The MR12 format is also a welcomed change as it makes CS2 matches more watchable for fans. Finally, another important factor is the investment from large teams and organizers. These organizations have lined up plans surrounding CS2, showing signs that the future of the esport title is blazing.