It’s been six long years since gamers were able to shoot their way through the Old West, but it looks as though they won’t have to wait that much longer to step back into the boots of James Marston. Rumors have been flying left and right over a sequel to Red Dead Redemption, and we might finally be getting our first look at some potential concept art for the game.

A supposed screenshot of the sequel recently leaked and the internet is buzzing with speculation about the image. The shot was found on the personal website of a former Rockstar San Diego artist and many internet sleuths are saying that it could be of an environment from the new game.

Rockstar has yet to confirm or deny anything. Rockstar hasn’t even said whether or not they’re actually going to be showing the game at E3, but the general consensus is that a Red Dead sequel will make an appearance at the annual conference. We’ve heard for a while that we’re finally going to get a follow-up to the fantastic Red Dead Redemption, but apparently fans might be treated to two new titles in the franchise. Not only will gamers return to the Old West with a proper sequel, there are also plans for a stand-alone game that expands on one of the video games from the original Redemption.

Apparently, in addition to a proper sequel for Redemption, Rockstar will be introducing a standalone title that focuses on the poker of Red Dead called Red Dead: Royal Flush. Fans might remember the poker mini-game from Red Dead Redemption that was available in the Liars and Cheats DLC. One of the coolest aspects of the mini-game was the option for multiplayer where players to try their luck against each other. The only downside was that you weren’t able to cheat like in the single-player version. Honestly though, it was probably for the best because that kind of stuff can get you killed.

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Given the popularity of casual games these days (and mobile in particular), it’s hardly surprising that Red Dead would take advantage of such a popular mini-game. The Old West, saloons, and games of chance are like the chocolate and peanut butter of genre combinations. There are a number of Western-themed games available online that offer their own takes on the classic setting with gun-slinging cowboys and lassos in a range of slot reels that will have to satiate those unable to wait to hit the dusty trail. The games are available for browsers and, perhaps more importantly, for mobile devices as well. This mobile functionality works perfectly for classic casual games such as these, and it’s definitely one feature we’re hoping will translate to the upcoming Rockstar game.

As with most things Red Dead at this point, there’s no additional confirmation from Rockstar. However, we’re hoping that Royal Flush will be available as a mobile game that can sync with your console save. It’s been hinted that money earned in Royal Flush can be used to purchase weapons and maps in the larger title, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to play it on the go.

E3 takes place June 14 to 16, so we’re getting closer to learning more about what the future holds for our favorite cowboy simulator. There have been more than enough conveniently timed leaks and rumors that we will be bitterly disappointed if we aren’t treated to a Red Dead sequel at the conference. That being said, we’re confident that Rockstar has big things in store.