E3 is dead; we already know that. New times have introduced new ways to deliver news about our industry. If I’m not mistaken, everything changed with the first Nintendo Direct because the company showed the world that potential customers could be engaged with new products through a recorded video instead of live shows or in-person events.

Currently, we have different showcases, and apparently, the Summer Game Fest has unofficially replaced E3. Of course, this change isn’t free for developers. A new report published by Esquire describes the different prices that a trailer could have in the Summer Game Fest:

  • 1 minute = $250,000
  • 1.5 minutes = $350,000
  • 2 minutes = $450,000
  • 2.5 minutes = $550,000

The cost is likely similar for The Game Awards. So, the total cost of all trailers published during the 2023 edition could have been around $9.65 million.

According to PR professionals, and quoting from Esquire, “PR folks at larger studios say these trailer premieres are worth the spend,” but “the current pricing tiers make Summer Game Fest an unattainable goal for most indie developers and publishers.”

Thanks, Esquire and Summer Game Fest.